Castor Plantations


castor oil

Castor oil is a form of vegetable oil cultivated from castor beans. Also known as green oil, it is either colorless or light pale yellow and contains a highly valuable chemical content called ricinoleic acid. Compared to other seed oils, castor oil commands a much higher price because its 3000 kinds of chemical derivatives are widely used in medicinal products, skin and hair care, polyurethane coatings, industrial chemicals, lubrication, bio-diesel and many more.

In recent years, castor oil has become the focus of attention when comes to energy conservation, environmental and ecological sustainability, and oil crisis mitigation.


Our vast castor bean plantations are cultivated in our own Cambodia lands. It thrives in warm climate and is widely known to absorb carbon dioxide (7 to 10 metric tons
of CO2 per hectare).

Castor seeds provides between 50-60% castor oil and can be harvested around 2 to 3 times per annum.
Every part of the castor plant can be resourced, for example: organic fertilizers, textile nylon, paper production and more.

Our plantations are spanned across more than 500 hectares.


Castor seed plants can be cultivated in less fertile and rainfall land soils very well.
Our castor seeds are grown in deep and well drained soils with pH level of 6.0 for better yield.
With our experienced farming team experts, land preparation are done using 4 deep ploughing sessions
with 30cm sub-soil puverization to allow optimal seed germination.

Our plantations are cultivated with manure base and organic fertilizers to ensure high castor yield.

Our castor harvest period is around 90 days.
This provide the highest rate of yield return for agricultural production.
soil 1
soil 2
soil 3


In order to improve seed rate germination in our plantations, we carry the process in early morning.

Our seed spacing ranges from 80 – 100 cm evenly on the main field. This allows more than 3000 castor plants per hectare. For optimal fertilization, we use decomposed farm yard manure and natural compost to ensure good crop growth.

Our sowing methods increase growth period acceleration of 15 days with average annual volume up to 7 metric tons.
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harvest 2
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