Further processing of castor oil will be able to develop and make over 3000 products.

Most of consumer and industrial products that come from crude oil can be replaced by castor oil. Also known as “green oil”, castor is listed as one of the eight most important strategic materials by America.

Castor seed cultivation is one of our various agriculture crop investment projects.

Based on our ideals of ‘Work Real & Work Strong’, we focus on planting, research and development of castor cultivation in the past 8 years. Our several plantation farms located in Cambodia are affiliated with Israel castor oil refinery specialists, british plants’ research specialists and members of castor plantation & refinery in China.

Agriculture is the most important industry in Cambodia.

Apart from Cambodia government and private sector, land supply is abundant and well suited for agriculture with approximately 6.3 million hectares nationwide. Fair weather, ample sunlight and minimal natural disasters in Cambodia give the best growth for castor farms. As Cambodia population has a large farming industry, LGA is able to transfer technological training and experience to the local farmers.

Cambodia regains its stability years ago and enjoys positive cooperation between the Kingdom Royal Family and the government.

As the government is promoting Cambodia with compliance in globalization process, Cambodia began attracting foreign direct investments to facilitate their country’s overall economic growth. LGA complies with the government authorities and private sector on a regular basis according to standard international laws.

On the ideals of ‘Work Real & Work Strong’, we focus on planting and cultivation of castor seed.

We sell our harvested seeds to appointed castor oil refinery factories upon our castor cycle completion. From our continuous research and development, we are able to control and maintain high oil containment qualities thus making maximum profit. For our future roadmap, LGA is looking forward to set up its own castor oil refinery factory.

Castor planting requires 90 to 120 days from beginning till harvest.

Land preparation is prepared early upon land selection, clearing, ploughing and proper water channel irrigation in order for castor planting.

Our harvest cycle consists of 1 to 3 castor yields.

We replant before our third castor batch grows or expands beyond recommended size in order to control the distance between castor trees. We plant at least 10,000 trees within one hectare. For each well grown castor tree, there will be 5 to 10 fruit bunches or equivalent of 80 to 130 fruits. As a conservative calculation, each cycle yields 700 fruits and 2,100 seeds, with a total of average annual volume of 7 metric tons.